Oddsniper – Another Betting Scam Website | Review

Oddsniper.com is a Betting website which provides users Betting Tips. They Claim a Betting Accuracy of 80%+ and always offer tips with high odds. To we are going to expose the Oddsniper scam.

To someone who is new to betting might think that Oddsniper is a great website with decent tips and high accuracy. But want to know the Truth?

Oddsniper is a Scam

One of our Readers from London started following their free tips after he found them on Facebook. But soon he discovered that he was losing his bets, while OddSniper advertised those tips to win.

So Here is how he uncovered the Oddsniper Scam. He took the screenshot of all their recommendations before placing the Bets. And he took another screenshot after the matches were over.

Their Predictions before the Match


oddsniper scam website
Original Predictions


oddsniper betting scam fake tips
Fake Results After Match – Prediction Value Changed to show fake accuracy.

Oddsniper Scam – Analysis

Here is how they changed the Results to get Forge Accuracy. Focus on these Matches and Tips.

  • SAM Bourguida vs EOS Bouzid – Match Deleted from site after their prediction failed.
  • Mali vs Ivory Coast – Prediction Changed to Draw, after original prediction failed.
  • Turkey vs Iceland Changed from Home to Over 1.5 after Turkey Lost the Match.

These are just how Oddsniper Scams People with Fake Results in Just 1 Day. If you will observe the website for 3-4 more days you will find that they Fake their results.

So I recommend all Readers to Protect themselves from Scammers and follow FBTC’s Free Tips – We are the only Honest Predictions Website. We Never Change our Results or Fake our Data.

To Keep Track of Scammers, FBTC also Maintains a List of Scammers. To understand how Scamming works and why its such a popular business read our Article on How Betting Scam Frauds Work & How Scammers Make Money?

Safe Betting Everyone 🙂

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