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Although Betting is a risk, which is why its called Gambling. FBTC always maintains an Accuracy above 80%. FBTC Pro Users however get access to much better odds and higher accuracy and winning rates.

About our Today’s Match Prediction & Analysis

There are a minimum of 50 Football Matches played everyday worldwide. Ever Country has their own leagues and sub-leagues. For Example UK Has the Following Leagues and Tournaments where various teams competes.

  • UK Championship
  • English Premier League
  • League 1
  • League 2
  • National League (North and South)
  • FA Cup
  • FA Trophy
  • EFL Trophy
  • and more

So UK has way too many football matches and they keep going all year round.

Similarly countries like Spain have many leagues, and so does Germany and their Bundesligas.

The Point of this is that there will always be enough football matches to make predictions and win. And FBTC will always be able to provide you with today’s match predictions. We are not only expert in Football, but FBTC provides you with Winning tips of other sports including Cricket & Lawn Tennis.

Following our Football tips today will tell you how genuine and Honest FBTC is with our predictions. While other prediction sites change or morph their data when their prediction goes wrong, FBTC never does that. We stick to our predictions and help our users recover their losses if our bet loses.

How Accurate is our Football Prediction Tips?

We carefully analyse and provide our users with Tips. And Providing Accurate tips is what our Reputation depends upon. Our Accuracy with Football Prediction tips is very high. Our Free tips are accurate over 80% of the times. While our Pro Tips have a 90-100% Accuracy in any given month.

You are free to try our tips listed for today and this month here. Once you follow our free tips you will be tempted to join the FBTC Premium users group and make more profit with everyone. In some cases, when the matches are too easy you will also get advanced updates about Football Predictions for Tomorrow as well.

Does FBTC Provide Free Predictions?

Yes. We do both. The reason behind this is that we can not simply ask our customers to blindly trust us and pay money for the premium tips. We build trust from our free tips, and then our customers make profits from our premium tips.

So What are you waiting for head on to our home and checkout the today match prediction and analysis and win big with our absolutely amazing football bet tips and predictions.

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