Free Fixed Matches are all Scam – How Scammers Make Money?

So someone offered you free fixed matches with no payment? You Gotta Trust them don’t you? But if you believe me, I can guarantee you that they are all scammers. And I will give you in-depth details about how Actual match Fixing Works. If you don’t want to read further, then here is the entire post summary in a single line – Free Fixed Matches Predictions are all scam!

If its a Scam, Why do Scammers say Payment After Win?

Instead of directly answering that Question, let me explain the entire procedure on how the fixed matches scam works.

Step 1: Scammer Contacts 1000 Desperate people with a fixed match report with payment after win. And he will advertise his bid with attractive words like Sure Odds, 100% Guarantee, Max Bet, blah blah blah…

Step 2: Since the scammer is not asking for payment before giving the tip. Everybody will naturally be interested in trying out if he is a scammer or not.

So the Scammer would tell 500 People that Team A will win, while he will tell the other 500 that Team B would win.

And Guess what? – At the End of the day, there will be 500 very happy people would now trust our Scammer. And they would be happy to pay a sum of let’s say $50 as the promised fee to the Scammer.

Step 3: Approach the 500 People who won.

Now the scammer approaches these 500 people who won the last bet again. And tells that he has fixed matches today, but he wants upfront payment twice as last time as this is a Guaranteed match.

Repeat Step 2, Divide again into groups of 250 – 250.

Again there will now be 250 people, whom the scammer made rich twice. So their trust in the Scammer is now doubled.

So the Scammer can now happily ask them for more money for the next fixed match, and they might happily pay for it.

The Scammer will keep making money until he has a Single Customer Left.

So now you know, why there are so many Fixed Matches Reports you see on Facebook and whats the idea behind those.

Do Fixed Matches Exist?

Off Course. Fixed Matches have existed since the inception of Sports Betting. But they are not so readily available. Secondly, Free Fixed Matches Predictions doesn’t even make sense. If that match is fixed, how can it be predicted?

Match Fixing is a Criminal Activity in all countries. Stay away from them.

In a Fixed Match, a team which has odds with 10/1 (10.0) will win. There is no point bribing the players for a match where the returns are less.

free fixed matches predictions are scam

So if someone is offering you match with odds 2/1 (2.0) then he is obviously a scammer.

So stay away from everyone who offer free fixed matches predictions. Follow FBTC’s Free Tips as we provide Best tips with Calculated Risks.

2 thoughts on “Free Fixed Matches are all Scam – How Scammers Make Money?

  1. God is great, i have been a victim. and i have surely been scammed several times, and if i can account for the money i have been loosing to scammers, then i can commit suicide. you have at last open my eyes. thank you very much and may God bless you, i will now follow FBTC tips only, thank you thank you thank you in deed

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