How to use Skrill to Deposit & Withdraw money from Bet365?

Skrill is the Most popular Payment Gateway with Bet365 Users. It’s even more Popular where the Indian Debit Cards do not directly work on Gambling websites. Today we will talk about how to use Skrill to Deposit Gambling Funds and use it for Betting on

Step 1: Create 2 Skrill Accounts

Yes, you need to create 2 Skrill accounts.

  • Primary Account – In your own name.
  • Secondary Account – In your friends/relative’s name.

skrill with bet365 deposit

The reason to do so is that Skrill no longer treats all money equally. Funds are given 2 Categories.

  • Gambling Funds
  • Non Gambling Funds

And in Majority of Countries, if you choose the Option of Gambling Funds while depositing money to Skrill, your credit card or debit card won’t work. It won’t work for the same reason it doesn’t directly work on

Step 2: Add Gambling Funds to Secondary Account

You can add as much money as you want to the Secondary Skrill account. But make sure it’s greater than the Min Deposit amount at

Fees Charged – 1.9 to 2.2%

Step 3: Transfer Funds to Primary Account

Transfer the entire amount which you deposited in the secondary Skrill account to the primary account.

This process takes 1 second and no fees are involved.

But now the Funds are unallocated funds, you can use it for Gambling or anything you like. No Restrictions.

Finally: Deposit from Skrill to

Now you can simply transfer money from your Skrill account to without any issue. While on the checkout screen make sure you choose to pay via Balance.

Deposit Funds in Bet365 using Skrill

No Fees are charged in this process too.

Withdrawing Money

Once you are done with Gambling and want to withdraw your money. Make sure you have made a lot of profit. At least more than 30 or 40 Euros.

The reason for this is that Skrill Charges around 8 Euros or Rs. 495 while transferring money from your Skrill account to Bank.

To Make this Fee look negligible or small. Make sure your withdrawal amount is high.

Avoid Skrill Transfer Agents

There are many Agents who will tell you that they will deposit money in your Skrill account for a Small fee of 10%. Stay away from them. You can easily do this yourself by paying just around 2%.

That’s all. Happy Betting 🙂

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