What is a treble in football betting?

Betting has become quite popular all over the world and a huge number of people like to place their money at stake on various bets in different games. Football betting is one such department which also contains various categories to place bets on various games. One of the ways to make a huge sum of profit is investing money in accumulators in betting. The concept of accumulators is simple and one has to win all the single stakes to get a huge profit in the end.

Types of Accumulators:

There are various types of accumulators or “acca” in the game of football:

  • Double Acca – Under this category, a person places bets on two different games and receives a huge sum of profit if he wins both the single bets. The condition to make a profit is that one has to be victorious in both the bets. Without any doubt, the risk in this system of betting is more than single bets. And also the profit, in this case, is more than that one gets on placing two single bets separately.
  • Treble Acca – Similar to double acca, one can invest his money in treble acca. The only difference between double and treble acca is that the amount of profit in a treble is more than the double. However, not to forget, the risk factor in the treble is also more as it demands three consecutive wins to make a huge profit.
  • Four-Fold Acca – Another category of an accumulator is Four Fold acca. There is not much difference in this case too. Only you have to win four single bets to win a complete bet.  If it happens, the end result is a huge amount of profit in your pocket.

When there are so many choices available for a person, then it becomes very difficult for him to make a choice. Analysing all the three accumulators by taking into consideration the risk as well as the profit in each accumulator, one should wisely choose among the three. The best choice to opt for is Treble acca, which neither offers less profit nor it is too risky. That is why treble in football betting is most popular accumulator and a huge number of punters love to put their money at stake in this category.

Example of Treble Bet in Football

Let’s understand the concept of treble in football with an example. Suppose you place single bets in three different games namely Team A vs Team B (Over 1.5 Goals), Team C vs Team D (Team C), and Team E vs Team F (BTTS). And let’s say you have won all the three bets then you will get a huge cumulative profit depending on the stakes as well as the odds for each game. However, if you lose any of the game then it would result in no profit.

How does it work?

Now, many of you must be having a question in your mind, “How does it work?”. Well, it is simple and easy to understand. Under treble, the profit you make in the first match adds up to your stake and it acts as a stake for the second bet. Similarly, the net amount you get after winning second single bet becomes a stake for the third bet. In this way, by winning every single game you can get a huge sum of money as profit at the end. On the other hand, if something goes wrong and you fail to win any of the single bet then all your money goes in vain.

How to Ensure a Good Amount of Profit in Treble?

One might argue that the risk factor associated with the treble accumulator is more and it is quite difficult to ensure three consecutive wins. But not to worry, there is a term called “matched betting” which helps to make a huge amount of profit in an accumulator. Under matched betting, mathematical calculations are made instead of chances to predict the winner. And it is considered risk-free and a person makes a profit from free bets as well as incentives offered by bookmakers. More details about matched betting will be discussed in a separate post.

To conclude, one can say that a person can make a huge amount of profit from treble accumulator if he places his bets on good games.

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