How to do Online Cricket Betting in Indian Rupees?

Cricket is a very popular sport and there are about 1 Million Punters in India who are involved in Online cricket betting in Indian Rupees. Although there are no businesses which are based in India because Indian Government doesn’t allow betting on cricket or any other sport.

So where is Sports Betting legal?

Sports betting is Popular and Legal in countries like United Kingdom and Australia. UK Is where most Online Cricket Betting sites are hosted.

We recommened only 1 Website which is are favourite and allows online cricket betting in Indian Rupees. And it is

We prefer Bet365 Because

  • Works with Indian Rupees
  • Many Payment Options
  • Live Betting
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Withdrawls and Timely Payouts
  • Option for Responsible Gambling Controls.

But Please note that you can not directly use Indian Debit Cards on Bet365. You will have to use the alternative payment methods provided by Bet365 like Skrill which is our favorite.

Other Betting Sites which accept Indian Rupees

Although there are no major websites which accept Indian Rupees. There is a huge risk involved when using less popular or unknown websites.

  • No Guarantee of Payments
  • Huge Conversion Fees
  • Payment Gateway Fees
  • Poor Betting Odds
  • Issue of Legality in India
  • Insecure

The only other major competitor of Bet365 which is just as popular as them is and it does not accept Indian Rupees. In spite of that it is still very popular in India and widely used.

The primary currency on Betfair used is US Dollars and it becomes a little difficult for us to use and understand that currency. And there are huge currency conversion or forex charges when depositing or withdrawing.

So if you give 100$ to Betfair, you actually pay around 105-110$ and when you withdraw 120$ you will get around 110$. So basically, if you deposit and withdraw with a 20% profit on your betting you are virtually making no profit.

With Bet365 where you can bet on cricket using Indian Rupees, such disadvantages are very less. That is why its our favourite bookmaker when it comes to Cricket betting in India.

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