Genuine & Effective “Over 1.5” Football Betting Strategy

There are endless strategies and tricks offered by supposed professionals in the world of sports betting, but most are a hoax and none of these strategies offers an optimal result in a short time, also punters lose money and their valuable time relying on the scammers and other sellers of lies. Today we will share with you an amazing Football betting strategy which is easy to understand and implement.

This strategy is not to get rich overnight, but if it is designed to make a good amount of money in a short period of time with few bets. We are not talking about a magic formula, but a betting strategy that can help you to grow your bankroll with intelligent bets in football.

Starting with this Football Betting Strategy

First, we do a research for about 10-15 football matches for the weekend, preferably the league in which you have more knowledge. The more matches are better, as we are going to bet a minimum of 10 matches every weekend, although the strategy can be applied any day of the week if football matches are available.


Chelsea - Winners of EPL
Chelsea – Winners of EPL

Research is very important for football betting if you want to be successful in the long run.

Second, now we must choose the betting option for the bet, in this case, the option will be Over 1.5. It is an option available in any bookmaker in UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Usually, the Over 1.5 option has odds of no more than 1.30, but this will depend a lot on the type of match and football teams.

It’s time to make bets.

We can use on weekends £ 500- £ 2000 for betting on Over 1.5 in about 10 matches with an average of 1.25 in odds, we can draw the following mathematical equation:

One single bet £ 50 x 1.25 (over 1.5) = £ 62.50 in winnings. Chances are that 10 bets with the option of Over 1.5, punters get a result of 80% of winning bets, that translates into a high return on investment (ROI).

Each of the bets must be well detailed and researched previously, we can not simply place a bet on any football match. The statistics, numbers and average goals of each team must be carefully checked before considering them to make a bet.

Why Over 1.5 is a good football betting strategy?

It has been proven statistically that 1.5 Overs have an 81.75% chance of success, much higher than any other type of bet related to the category TOTALS. It is very easy to get Overs 1.5, simply reading the odds of Over 2.5 options we can interpret how easy it will be to win Over 1.5.

football betting strategy points table
UK Championship Points Table – Source:

For example: Manchester City Vs. Liverpool, Over 2.5 with 1.55 odds, noting that the 2.5 option is between 1.45 and 1.60 is a good sign that Over 1.5 is feasible as a bet. It is a simple way to read the odds, it can be used with almost any other type of bet.

How much money can I make with this strategy? 

If we average a profit of £ 12.50 per bet (see above formula), and during the weekends we make 15 bets, of which 12 (80%) proved to be winners, we will earn a total of £ 150 just for a weekend, that means £ 75 daily (divided Saturday and Sunday), £ 600 a month with these “humble” estimates bets of £ 50 per match. During the week it is possible to find 50-100 betting opportunities in several leagues around the world.

Other Advantages of this Football Betting System are

  • Statistics show 80%+ Matches end up in 2 Goals.
  • We don’t have to worry about which teams scores a goal.
  • A lot of Research Data is available.
    • Historial
    • Specific to Particular Leagues and Tournaments
  • Lower & Guaranteed Profits, with Less risk!

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