Free Cricket Betting Tips – Avoid Being Scammed

Free Cricket Betting Tips and Interest of people in betting on the sport gave birth to lots of scams. Today we are going to talk how people get scammed with fake fixed match reports and fake tips.

Cricket is an exceptionally popular sport in India. In last so many years, no other game has come even close to its popularity. The money which cricketers earn is at least 10 times more than any other sportspersons. All these reasons also make online betting in India very popular as well. People love to bet on sport, but they start to lose they look towards people who can provide them with accurate predictions, but they are unable to find any good ones.

Social Media is for Scammers

The reason for this is there are many well known cricketing scams in the world of cricket. The Most common and obvious one is the Fake Fixed Match scam promoted by people on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook. People create temporary accounts and claim to be gods of Betting.

But always remember someone who is so successful at betting won’t bother wasting time and tell you which team to bet on. Use your brain people. Trust only genuine and aged business when it comes to betting tips.

Web based Businesses are more reliable

Anyone can create a temporary account without spending even a penny. but setting up and promoting a website is expensive. So trust a web based tips provider when u have an option. Here is how you detect a fraud website and a genuine one.

  • Social Media Accounts – Check if the website has any follower on facebook or twitter. If so, read comments and reviews. Check how old is their page.
  • Check Website Age – You can visit¬†and check when was the website started and who are its owners.
  • Does it provide free tips? – before asking for your money, do they provide any free tips like we do? If no, stay away from them.

While anyone can provide free cricket betting tips, only a few are really good at it. So if you have found a genuine source, let us know in comments.


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