Corner Betting Strategy – Predict Corners In Play & Win!

In football matches, there are less famous but very lucrative options, with odds that can double or triple a stake in 90 minutes. Today we are going to talk about a Corner Betting Strategy that may seem difficult, but in reality, it is one of the “easiest” and most likely to win in a football match, punters can include this option in their weekly selections.

What is the Corner Betting Strategy and how does it work?

The option is Total Match Corners, a fairly simple option to understand, bettors should only choose between the odds and amount of corners offered in a bookmaker. For example, if a bookmaker offers 8-10 corners for a football match, the bettors will have to choose a kind of over / under for the corners, it is a sort of rank among the number of corners, similar to other options like Total Goals or Goal Bands.

football corner betting strategy
Numerous Options for Corner Betting on Bet365

For example: Manchester City Vs. Shakhtar Donetsk, Total Corners with 3 options;

  • 0-9,
  • 10-12
  • and 13+.

Each of these options indicates the minimum and a maximum number of corners that must occur during the match in order for the bet to be winning. If we choose the first option and both teams only make 8 corners, then it will be a winning bet, but if the teams make 10 corners in the first option, the bet will be losing.

This Cornet Betting Strategy comes with a lot of potentials, especially for the most ambitious bettors who want to earn fast money without having to predict who will win a football match or what will be the exact amount of goals.

How to Successfully Bet on Total Match Corners?

The secret of this type of bet is simple, bettors will have to look for the matches that they like, but must choose only the most difficult matches for the teams.

  • The more complicated a football match, two strong teams of a league playing, the number of corners will be low.
  • But if it is a strong team against a weaker team, then the number of corners will be high.

Example of what would be 2 different matches but each with high chances of winning the Total Match Corners bet:

Scenario 1: Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Total Corners bands (lines): 0-5, 6-8, 9-11. According to statistics, the last 5 matches (not more than 2 years old) between these 2 teams, the number of corners on average was 5.85 per match, which indicates that the best bet would be Total Corners 6-8.

Scenario 2: Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace, Total Corners bands: 0-10, 11-13, 14+. The last 5 matches Manchester United won every match and the average corners was 9.11 per match, with Manchester United a dominant team, and Crystal Palace a weak team, it is very obvious that the 11-13 option would be the most advisable in this case to place a bet.

It is not difficult to find good matches during the week, at least about 4-6 difficult matches occur weekly and about 10+ where one team is favoured over another. To find the best matches it is advisable to watch for leagues such as the Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, La Liga and others.

If you tried implementing our Corner Betting Strategy or if you need any help understanding our system do let us know 🙂

Some Personal Tips & Advice

  • Always try to be available for the matches in-play to avoid losses.
  • Do not trust any Soccer corner prediction sites. They are wrong 50% of the times.
  • This is not a fixed corner betting system, but a general approach where your knowledge of teams is going to help you win.

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