Which is the Best Sport to Bet On?

There are people who bet on sports and big-ticket tournaments. Everybody has his own opinion on which is the best sport to bet on? Although it ultimately depends on which sport you follow the most. But there are 3 sport which are known to bring a lot of fortune for the punters.

Millions buy live game tickets for famous tournaments like Wimbledon or F1, or even badminton just to see the big players battle it out against the world’s best. In fact, this is the reason for the people to bet on their favorite side. Our Discussion for today will be limited to, what’s the best sport to bet on and why?

Selecting The Sport To Bet On

You will find two types of punters:

  • One who will also bet on his favorite side.
  • One who will bet based on Mathematical Calculations or take Calculated Risks – The Real Winner!

Remember that even the biggest of the champions might not win all the matches. Roger Federer lost a lot of matches and so did Nadal. This is even the case when you bet on football, as a Manchester United, can lose to a lesser-known team on any fine day.

If you are fairly aware of the game of lawn tennis, then taking statistical reports and data from the ATS World tour’s official website would help in noting the general trend of wins that each player has before a big tournament begins. This homework shall help you in the long run.

Tournaments are generally one of the most predictable ones like Big Cricket Tournaments like World Cup, or Wimbledon or Fifa World Cups as well. This the time of the year when punters are most active.

Top 3 Best Sport to Bet On



Cricket is a sport, where multiple countries with legalized betting portals operate. The betting chance varies from several aspects, right from the performance as a team to an individual. Cricket is the Best Sport to bet on for many reasons. But its the easiest for someone who has been watching it since childhood.

Since this is a team game, betting becomes a bit tougher and complicated. Ladbrokes, Bet365 has specialized betting zones, allowing potential betters to put up a stake. Different forms of a game, particularly T20 has garnered a huge popularity and recorded new bet margins across the planet.

cricket best sport to bet onThe Best Matches to Bet on are Test Matches > ODI > T20I. Twenty 20s are the riskiest as they are extremely unpredictable, which makes it fun for the viewer but a nightmare for the punters.

So if you want to do betting professionally, keep your stakes lower in T20 Matches.


In case of badminton, many top legends have been here too, but there are lesser bidders for the game per se as compared to the lawn tennis. Thus, the thrill that one might experience in betting on tennis is hardly there in case of badminton.

badminton bettingYou should always Bet on  Badminton Matches of a tournament especially in the first 2 rounds when the matches are very obvious.

The players with higher ranks always win the first 2 rounds, and the competition gets relatively closer when the Quater finals begin.

Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis offers the best betting odds when compared to other sports. You can Bet on Sets, Matches and Each Gamea as well. The odds offered range from 1.50 to 20.0 or more.

With so many individual bouts in the lineups, with numerous match features such as doubles, mixed doubles and women’s does give the betters a little more scope in putting up a very high stake.

Also, in Lawn tennis tournaments matches of Initial Rounds are highly predictable and offer great opportunity to win easy money.


Betting on sports is not easy. If it was easy then all the punters in the world would be millionaires and all Bookies and Bookmakers would go Bankrupts. But that’s not the case, The House always wins.

But you can make small profits continuously for the long runs if you play safe and stick to easier and obvious matches with lower stakes.

For Soccer Fans:  Soccer is not included in the list of Best Sport to bet on because its a game with a very likely 3 way outcome. Soccer betting is great if you are an expert and have the time to get indulged in live betting.

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