Best Football Tipsters with 80% Accuracy or More

Who doesn’t love to make money without making a lot of efforts in his work? However, there is no such work who doesn’t require your full attention. But there are certain services available especially in the department of sports who claim to provide a platform for the investors to mint a huge amount of money. Betting service in the game of Football is one such way which has become popular over a course of time.

Now, many of you must be having a question in your mind that “where can we find the sure shot tipsters to place bets on football games?” Well, there is no such criteria to judge the authenticity of a given football betting service. The reason being many of the betting sites take tips from other sources and place on their websites. Hence, it becomes very difficult for a commoner to chose a good betting service.

Also, some betting services claim to have their links with bookies and managers. And because of this, they succeed in attracting a huge number of customers to their sites. One must take into the account that if a given source is sure of 100% in a given match then it would not distribute the betting tips to other people.  Still, there are sites which are offering accurate tips on football and giving a chance to everyone to earn a lot of money. We have listed a list of best football tipsters with 80% accuracy or more. Here is the list:

FBTC Pro Tips

One of the best football tipsters available on the internet is FBTC Pro. We provide tips with high odds and high probability of success.  In all the pro matches, bets are placed after analysing various aspects of a particular football match. To ensure error-free predictions, we make a lot of calculations based on the past performances of the teams. Apart from this, we also take into consideration all sorts of knowledge regarding both teams playing the game. Things such as injuries, replacements, and also who is the home team in a given match play a crucial role in deciding the result of the match. The success rate of our Pro tips has been superb and you can also check the huge amount of monthly profit these tips make. Also, the amount we charge for pro tips is very reasonable.

FBTC Free Tips

FBTC not only provides paid tips but also offers a number of free tips for football matches on the website. You can simply check the odds and then place your bets accordingly. The winning rate for free tips is above 90% and this inspires the visitors to trust our service. Also, we specify the degree of risk by categorising the match as Safe, High-Rish, Low-Risk or Super Safe. Anyone can check free football tips on FBTC and can opt for FBTC Pro tips if one wishes to.

Betting Gods

Betting Gods is another betting service available for those who are looking for safe bets with high odds. It provides betting tips for a range of sports games including football. If you want to purchase good tips then you can opt for Pro betting tips by Betting Gods. They have a wonderful record of making a profit and are doing a great job in predicting the results of matches.

Profit Maximiser

Now, if you don’t have to invest your money in placing your bets on football matches then you can go to Profit Maximiser. This website supplies betting tips for horse racing and has been luring a lot of visitors with its superb record of profit. If you want to earn money in a big value then do not forget to go to this site.

So, these were the best football tipsters with over 80% accuracy or more. You should try these sources for accurate betting tips with high odds. Based on the experience you can also recommend the services of these sites to other people in your contact. As soon as we discover more sources with high winning percentage, we will update this list.

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