How Does Asian Handicap Betting Work?

Asian Handicap Betting is one of the best options that currently exist, this option is generally used in football, but sometimes it is available for other sports. It is a versatile option, adapts to any type of bettor depending on the amount of money you have in your bankroll and is also one of the options that pay more money with highly profitable odds.

Why is Asian Handicap used so much in football?

This type of bet is very used by the bettors because the odds are high, the options of Asian Handicap are several and all the bookmakers offer it.

It is a betting option that offers the bettor an advantage over the football match, in case any team or the match itself does not complete the bet, the bettor will lose only half the bet or win a small amount, all depends on the type of Asian Handicap bet made by the bettor.

How does Asian Handicap Betting work?

Explaining this type of bet in 2-3 sentences is not an easy task, as this betting option is complicated even for the most experienced bettors. Although not to make things more complicated we can say that Asian Handicap is two bets on one, that means that if we bet -1.75 on a team, that team must score at least 2 goals to win half the bet or 3 goals to get the full money.

Still not able to understand?, we are going to explain 3 difficult Asian Handicap scenarios, usually found with any bookmaker since they all offer the same numbers in goals.

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Asian Handicap Betting Scenarios

Scenario 1: Our bet for a Favourite team will be (-2.25) AH (acronym Asian handicap). It seems quite obvious that handicap -2.25 in some sports could mean that the team must win by 3 or if it wins by 2 it is pushed, but in AH things are different.

The -2.25 AH Bet is divided into 3 bets:

  • Our team must win by a minimum of 3 goals (in football there is no goal 0.25 or half goal) for the bet to be winning.
  • If the team only wins by 2 goals, our bet will suffer a loss, but only half loss, we recover 50% of the bet, is a kind of push.
  • In case of Loss, Draw or Win by 1 Goal, The bet will lose.

Scenario 2: Now we are going to make a bet on the Underdog team with positive AH, +1.25, let’s say we made the bet for £100 with odds of 2.00 for a return of £ 200.

There can be again in 3 Scenarios.

  • The Underdog Team Wins or Draws the game – We Win Full.
  • The Underdog team loses by 1 Goal. – We win Half.
  • Our team loses by 2 Goals or More – Bet is lost.

If you think the underdog team in any match is likely to put up a good game. The +AH is a recommended AH Betting Market.

Scenario 3 (For Goals) (Recommended Market): The Asian Handicap can also be used in Totals (over/under), it’s almost the same, but it includes half goals.

Our bet is Under 3.25, the game ends 2-0, obviously it’s a winning bet, but if the game ends 2-1, we’ll only win half. Can you see the difference between the Totals and the AH Totals?

In Under 3.25 Goals Handicap Betting we would will if there are 0,1 or 2 Goals. But We will win only half if there are 3 Goals. And nothing if there are more than 3 goals.

How to learn AH faster?

Following is an Asian Handicap Table provided by You can download and save this table and always use it whenever you are in doubt. Visit to check out the table for Over/Under Goals Market as well.

asian handicap betting table

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