Arbitrage Betting – What is It & How to Find Sure Bets?

Arbitrage Betting is one of the safest methods to win in sports betting. It is a trend that has been around for years, but has been climbing in terms of popularity in the last 4-5 years. Placing arb bets or sure bets is not that difficult, although it requires some level of coordination if done manually and without the help of software or tools on the internet.

How does Arbitrage Betting work?

This method is not very technical to say, it is easy to understand at first, but it requires precision when performing the calculations during the reading of the odds. The fundamental basis of this method is to use 2 or more bookmakers, an Exchange and a conventional bookmaker. The most famous Exchange is Betfair and it will be used in the examples.

First step: Sign up with Betfair and other 2 bookmakers, do the complete verification of data and identity so that you do not have problems in the future.

Choose a conventional bookmaker with good offers and a big welcome bonus. Deposit enough money into each bookmaker and take advantage of free bets.

Step two: Make a list of 20-30 football matches for the week, 1-2 days in advance and thus be well prepared for the movement of odds. Watching matches can be difficult, but everything is easier with the help of websites that show the odds of the bookmakers simultaneously for a football match.

How to detect an arbitrage betting opportunity and how to bet?

Let’s explain everything with examples to make it easier to understand, because the clearer the explanation the better the result of arbitrage betting.

Scenario 1: Manchester City 2.00 odds at Betfair to win the match of champions league against Real Madrid, while in Marathon Bet the price of Real Madrid is 2.15 to win the match.

In this case we have to make 2 different bets, with two different stakes, the total for the bet will be £ 100 divided into 2 bookmakers, Betfair and Marathon Bet as follows: £ 51.22 with odds 2.00 and £ 48.78 with odds 2.15. Now we make the calculation, either team can win the match, at the end of the game we will have a guaranteed profit of £ 7.23.

Opportunities are easily detected, you just have to look at the odds in the bookmakers and compare them quickly with the odds in the Exchange. Bookmakers often change the odds for the most important events, speed is crucial when selecting each of the stakes.

Scenario 2: Lets take a Scenario for Over/Under 2.5 Goals. This can also be applied for Corner betting, but easier with Goals.

Betfair & Bet365 are our 2 Bookies we will be using, and let’s take an an Example Match of Real Madrid and Sevilla. The Initial Odds for Over 2.5 Goals was 1.83 with Both Bookies.

But that matches has progressed for 30 Minutes and there has been no goals. So Naturally, Each Bookmaker will increase the odds for Over 2.5 Goals.

After 30 Minutes, Bet365 offers 2.15 and Betfair is offering 2.05 for under 2.5 Goals.

This is a jackpot moment and you have to be really fast. Place a Bet of $100 on each, and at the end of the game you will be up by either 5$ or $15 depending on the no. of goals scored in the match.

This is a common opprtunity for Arbitrage betting, but you have to be really fast with it, as Odds change every 2-3 minutes.

To finalize and avoid confusion, what is done with arbitrage betting is to look for odds that cover losses in other bets. The process can be speeded up by using online calculators, just place the odds and the calculators will indicate if the bet is profitable or not.

Disadvantages of Arbitrage Betting

  • Wastage of time – A lot of time is wasted in analysing matches and finding sure bets. Sometimes you may not be able to find anything at all.
  • You have to be fast. You have to place bets really fast or you will loose the opportunity.
  • Huge stake needed. For a Decent profit, you need a huge stake. Winnings with low stakes like 10 or 50 bucks will be insignificant.

Advantage of Arbitrage Winning

  • If done correctly, you are guaranteed to win.

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