7/25/100 Strategy – Convert 25$ into 100$ with 7 Bets

7/25/100” is a Strategy Designed by FBTC to convert your 25$ into 100$ over a short period of time. This strategy includes the following:

Starting Bankroll 25$
Range of Odds 1.2 to 1.4
Target Bankroll $100
Timeframe 4 to 7 Days
Max No. of Bets  7

How does this Work?

There is not much involved in this strategy. You just start with 25$. Place a bet on a safe match with odds ranging from 1.2 to 1.4. And you roll over all your winnings and place another similar bet until you reach the goal amount of $100.

This is generally achieved in 4-5 days or a Weekend if you can find safe matches with Good Odds.

Here is an Example of a 7/25/100 Strategy Successfully Executed by FBTC for its Premium Users.

Date Bankroll Match Odds Winnings
Aug 4 $25 Monaco vs Tolouse 1.31 $32.75
 Aug 5 $32.75 Lyon vs Strasbourg 1.34 $43.885
 Aug 6 $43.8 Marseille vs Dijon 1.30 $57
 Aug 7 $57 Rio Ave vs Belenenses 1.32 $75.24
 Aug 8 $75.2 Maritimo vs Ferreira 1.31 $98.25
Strategy Executed in 5 Days. GOAL ACHIEVED. 

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Always stick to a lower starting stake. This strategy is not meant to be started with $250. Stick to $25 or $50 as your starting Bankroll.
  • Avoid Executing this for more than 7 days.
  • Cashout whenever you feel you have made enough profit and start again.
  • Chances of this strategy failing is 1 in 4. It’s not bulletproof.
  • If you play safe, and take 25 to 100 and stop each time, then 1 Loss won’t hurt you at all.
  • People have successfully Executed this strategy for up to 14 days earning 1000$ from $25. It’s a difficult feat and is meant for experienced bettors only. The longer you execute the strategy the bigger the risks and profits.

Consider reading our betting tips to make sure you play safe.

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