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Hello and welcome everyone to FBTC ( We are a community of over 5000+ Users from all over the world who predict cricket match results accurately like no one else. We are the best providers of free cricket betting tips and there is no other community as genuine, honest and respectable like FBTC.

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free cricket betting tips by FBTC
India after 2011 Cricket World Cup

Is it Really 100% Free Cricket Betting Tips by FBTC?

Yes. 100% Free for FBTC members.

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While Everyone is charging a lot of money to give you results with poor accuracy, FBTC has a different approach. We are not a business but a small and strong community of dedicated punters and cricket lovers who understand cricket better than legends like Harsha Bhogle.

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Example of our Cricket Betting Success

India Recently Played Sri Lanka 4 Tests, 5 ODIs and 1 T20I in Sri Lanka and completely white washed them. We made a truck load of profits from that match on various websites like and

Don’t believe us?

Here is how we made a profit of around Rs. 6000 ($100) from a simple and easy match.

bet365 cricket betting
India vs Sri Lanka – T20I (6 Sep)

This is one tiny example of how we do things. If you are looking to cash out more and more funds to your account, FBTC Community is here to help you out with all your Cricket Betting Needs.

And a Quick Tip: We don’t just bet on Cricket. We are somewhat experts in Lawn Tennis and Soccer Betting as well.

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