What is a Roulette?

Among all the casino games, Roulette enjoys huge popularity because it is too easy to play. Although for people who have never visited a casino, Roulette may seem a difficult or complex game to comprehend. But it is not really the case as the rules of this game are very simple to understand. One gets a lot of time to decide what step to take while playing roulette. In this post, we have through light on Roulette game, its types, and rules. After reading this post, you will have no doubt in your mind regarding playing this game.

Roulette Table

Before narrating the rules of roulette, lets through some light on the roulette table. Basically, roulette table comprises a wheel and a betting board. The bets are placed on a betting board by making use of chips. To decide the outcome of each bet, a wheel is used to resolve the bets. On a roulette wheel, 1 to 36 compartments with red or black colors alternatively are located. And there is also a single green zero and in some variations, double green zero on a roulette wheel. A small ball is used to play roulette. In this game, a wheel is rotated which results into the landing of the ball on a certain number. Hence, the outcome of a game is decided to know depending on the position where one placed his bet.

Rules of the Game

Well, the rules of roulette are very simple to understand and anyone can comprehend these rules easily. In every bet, either a single number of a group of numbers can be represented. Each of the sets has odds attached to it. Also, instead of placing bets on any single number, one can place bets on black or red color. And if the ball lands on the selected color then simply a person wins in this case.

One needs to set his bet before spinning the wheel. It is a player’s wish to place bets on as many combinations as one wants. And if the resulting number is covered by any of your wagers then one will be paid for each of the corresponding odds. However, before playing roulette with the real money, it is recommended to first practice this game with free spins on online casino platform.

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