What are the Effects of Introducing the new Swedish Gambling Act?

The enactment of the new Swedish Gambling act has completed one year and many new implications have been observed since it came into existence. It was implemented in order to provide a safe, legal and reliable environment to carry out the casino, betting, and other gaming activities. And it has left its effect on the licensed operators, gamblers, and even the non-registered gambling firms. Post the implementation of the new gambling act in the Swedish state, the competition in the Swedish gambling market has increased significantly.

More than 200 gambling brands from the casino and betting sector have been competing with each other. In addition to this, the competition for the state-owed giant Svenska Spel and ATG has increased significantly. In addition to this, the fun element and excitement for gamblers have decreased significantly due to the imposition of more restrictions under this new gambling act in Sweden. The Swedish tax agency (Skatteverket) has been collecting more tax from the total revenue of the licensed holders.

And the total revenue of the licensed operators and affiliates has declined to a great extent. Even, some of the renowned gaming platforms have been left with no other option than to shut their operations. We have talked about all this subject in this post in detail.

A decrease in Profit Margin for Licensed Operators

According to the new Swedish gambling act, the licensed operators are supposed to limit the intensity of their marketing campaigns by creating the right balance between their attracting new customers and following the new terms of the gambling act. The licensed operators are subjected to pay 18% tax on GGR, limits have been imposed on distributing bonuses, and restrictions on marketing have come into action for them. This has significantly reduced the profit margin for licensed operators due to the decreasing loyalty of players towards gambling operators.

Less Enjoyment than Before

According to Calvin Ayre, the new Swedish Gambling Act has restricted players to maintain a gap of 3 seconds between every spin. This has simply imposed a cap on the level of enjoyment that one can have in any gambling activity. However, players can restrict their gambling activities for different time spans to reduce their gambling addictions. Under this new gambling act, players can turn off all online gambling sites and protect themselves from gambling activities to a great extent. And it has also put restrictions on countless bonus offers and promotions, thus further limiting the element of fun from gambling.

A rise in the Search Volume for Casinos Without License

The new Swedish Gambling Act came into effect with a motive to provide a safer gambling environment to players. However, the data gathered on these subjects indicates some different results. Since the new gambling act has come into force, a rise in the search volume forĀ spelbolag utan licens has been noticed. Players are searching for casino operators without a license in order to enjoy restriction-free casino games and betting. And more than 90% of people search for online gambling sources without a license. On similar grounds, there is a steep increase in the betting sites in Sweden without a license and the safety of players has still been a significant issue.

In a nutshell, one can notice that there are loopholes in the new Swedish gambling act and it has not been able to serve its stipulated purpose. On one side, the profit margin of licensed operators has shrunken, there is a significant rise in the number of casinos and betting operators without a license. And more importantly, players have been searching for licensed operators in order to take part in restriction-free gambling activities in the online world.

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