Understanding Football Betting

The global sports betting market, according to Statista, makes up about 40% of the entire gambling market today. And the lion’s share of these bets is made on football games (the European Association game, not American Football!).

There is a lot of money bet on football matches. For example, according to Gambling Commission of UK data, more than £626 (that’s $808.5!) per second is bet on a football match in the UK alone!

And the thing is, football betting has evolved tremendously from what it was a few decades ago. In fact, betting on this sport has changed so much that traditional betting strategies will not get you very far, especially when you’re betting online.

At one time, betting odds were based on fans’ biases. Today however, most online betting platforms such as footballbettingtips.com/ offer bettors hard numbers, removing a lot of that fan bias.

In today’s betting world, you need to have much more than loyalty to a club to win your bet in football. So, before you blindly put your hard-earned money on your favorite team, find out how you can make your betting more profitable for you.


You may have your favorite team, but if you wish to make some money off your football bets, then put emotion aside and look at the facts. Do your research!

You need to understand the statistics of a team – how many matches has it won, which players were playing in the winning games, what form as those players in, who are the newcomers, which team are they going to play against and what the statistics of the opposing team are.

Once you gather all of this information, you will have a much strong chance of betting on the winning team and making some money.

  1. Track Your Bets

To win at football betting, you need to track your bets. This way, you can analyze your betting pattern and see where you win most. Some of the thing you can keep track of are:

  • The bets you won,
  • The bets you lost,
  • How much you bet each time,
  • The profit or loss you made with each bet,
  • Which bookmaker gives you the best returns, etc.

Keeping track of bets will let you know whether your current betting strategy is working or not.

  1. Understand Value

This is a difficult concept to understand, and most bettors don’t have any idea that it even exists. Understanding value means understanding the way the odds are laid out.

So, say a team is expected to win a particular match. Is the probability of that team winning higher than the odds given for that team to win? Understanding odds means that you will be able to pick out the undervalued teams and make a lot of money by betting on them.

Which brings us to our next tip.

  1. Do the Math

If you say you’re weak at math, then don’t bother betting real money on football games. Today, betting is all about numbers, so if you don’t understand numbers, then it’s best that you not waste your money on bets.

Instinct is great – once in a while. But if you’re looking to be a successful bettor, then start crunching those numbers. You will only be able to assess the value of a match’s odds if you can crunch some numbers.

  1. Choose the Right Bookmaker

Remember, odds are controlled by bookmakers. So, before you place any bets, understand how each bookmaker you have chosen works. Most bookmakers operating in the market today don’t let you win big. In fact, some of them will go so far as to ban bettors who win big.

Choose a bookmaker that will be fair and allow you to win based on data. Choose an established bookie, who is known to be fair. You can do this by checking bettor reviews about that bookie, and also making a few informed bets on that bookie’s site.

  1. Bit with More than One Bookie

Do not restrict yourself to a single bookmaker. You can also check out betting exchanges, where you will be betting against other bettors rather than the bookie.

At any given time, you should have between 2 and 6 bookmakers in your betting portfolio.

Remember, each bookmaker offers its own price on bets. So, if you have multiple bookmakers in your portfolio, you can get the best odds for the bets you place on a football match.

  1. Settle for Small Wins

If you’re chasing that one big jackpot, you’re making a mistake. It’s a better idea to make smaller, more realistic bets on surer wins. You wouldn’t believe how those small wins can add up fast.

  1. Study an Expert Bettor

There are many expert tipsters – both online and in the real world. Study their betting strategies and follow them. It’s a great way to learn how to bet on football matches and win!

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