Trusting the so-called Tipsters – Yes or No?

When it comes to paying for information, it is always a tricky situation and even more so in the betting world.

A lot of so-called tipsters are trying to make some money on the side using their experience and knowledge. The problem is 90% of the aforementioned people are horrible at betting and try to make money by lying to people. Maybe most of you have had a similar question going around their heads – should you trust such people?

With the internet boom, more and more people are looking for sports predictions, and this results in an enormous increase in the popularity of those online tipsters. Most of them have channels on different social media platforms where their customers follow them and expect to get free quality tips.

The tipsters can be divided into two groups– scammers that will give fake stats, give false promises for sure wins and get rich quick schemes and those that put in the hours of hard work to provide a real service.

– The scammers will do their best to wrap you in their web of lies. You will often see things like – “100% win rate” “sure tips” “fixed games” “fast money” “secure bets” and so on and on. In the last few years, hundreds of thousands of people have been scammed by guys like those. There are still people falling for those lies, but they are getting less and less, so the scammers had to adapt and evolve.

Some scammers will ask you for payment after the game, which is ALWAYS a statement that shows they are up to no good. Here is a quick explanation of what they do:

The select a game, let’s say Manchester United vs Liverpool, and they have 90 people contacting them about tips. To 30 of them they give a tip that United is to win, to the other 30 they say it will be a draw and to the last 30, they give Liverpool to win. In the end, they have 30 happy people that will pay them after the game and 60 people that have lost a lot ( obviously ) the people that have won will come back for more, and they will surely follow suit and lose. They rely on getting many people on board, and they don’t want long-term clients as they can’t keep a good ratio (profit), so they hope to find another fool.

– The real tipsters, on the other hand, are long-term bettors that decide to share their picks on social media, or they are a team of experts.

Experts that consists of:

– Tipsters (usually more than one) that analyze and provide the betting tips daily. If you are wondering why profitable tipsters will go looking for money from people when they can from the winnings, there is a simple reason. Even the best punters will have bad runs and working with other like-minded professionals increase the ROI (Return of Investment) and on top of that helping out people with less knowledge tends to keep your feet on the ground.

They will also provide priceless betting strategies that suit each different client betting style. They will analyze the bookmakers and provide reviews so visitors can choose the right one for them. Last but not least, those tipsters will always offer free football betting tips to showcase that they are capable of.

– Designers – the people behind the beauty of the website. They also take care of the user experience on the site ( how user-friendly a website is )

– Social media managers

– Writers

Those guys that provide an actual service spent hours upon hours researching the most valuable tips for you. They will always be there to answer all your questions and support you. They will never change their track record history, and most importantly, they will always be open and honest.

If you are looking for a tipster, do thorough research around the internet, keep a look at their free tips and talk to the team as much as you can before making a decision.

In the end, I want to recommend WhaleBets, but please do your research as well.

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