The Sudden Explosion in Transfer Fees for Football Players

The demand for good football players has always been high and the price for quality can be quite hefty. But in recent years it has been on another level compared to what we were used to before. It started in 2016 with Manchester United paying £89 million for the return of Paul Pogba. That made Pogba the most expensive player of all time, but only for a year. If you think that was a bit over the top you might want to sit down for what follows next.

Before that it was Gareth Bale with £83 million when he left Tottenham Hotspurs for Real Madrid 2013. While the £6 million difference might not seem super big when we talk about this kind of money, the Pogba deal set a new standard. It was the start of something that has become ridiculous in recent years. In 2017 Barcelona acquired forward Ousmane Dembélé from Dortmund for £97 million beating Pogba. But I doesn’t stop there, also in 2017 we saw Neymar move to PSG for the small sum of £198 million. Yep, you read that right, 198 million pounds.

That is to this day, by far, the most expensive transfer football fans over the world has ever witnessed.

Even though no one compares to Neymar, there were some pricey moves being made in 2018 as well. French super talent Kylian Mbappé went for £116 million to PSG from Monaco, only 19 years of age.

Philippe Coutinho’s £106 million move from Liverpool to Barcelona in an attempt to navigate his way towards Champions League success didn’t work out as planned. It isn’t over of course, Barcelona is always a top contender.

Cristiano Ronaldo went from Real Madrid to Juventus to try out something new, and most recently in 2019 we saw Eden Hazard go to Real Madrid as well. The transfer window this summer isn’t over yet, and there might be some big moves to come. I think it’s fair to say we can expect this kind of money if you want to attract the top talent in the future. But where does the money come from?

There are several reasons why football clubs can afford such exorbitant fees for players. A lucrative TV-deal was made in 2015 for Premier League TV rights extending over 2016-2019 season, giving the top clubs a big bag of cash to dip into. For the rights to broadcast the games in UK, BT Sport and Sky paid £5.14 billion. Along with super wealthy owners ready to pump money into their clubs, it can only go in one direction.

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