Is Sports Betting Legal & Popular in Brazil?

Recently, the Brazilian president has signed a law, which authorizes the online and live sports betting. And as a result of that, more than 200 million people came out of the gray area and enjoying a significant market of consumer-protected betting of sports. Well, the country has to wait for at least two years more to witness a regulatory system, even for online websites providing services like Sportingbet bônus. The new regulatory system will be in charge of the new law. That implies the fact that the implementation is still beyond the horizon. Let us discuss some of the aspects of sports betting in Brazil.

The particulars regarding sports betting are still in the process of making

The detailed text regarding the law is still not on the boards yet. According to the provisional measure 846/2018, the Ministry of Finance of Brazil will get two years to prepare the regulations regarding the law. In case, if the Ministry finds out that this is not enough time, they will get an extension.

International operators will experience market access

In accordance with the article 29 of the draft “Draft law of conversion”, the Ministry of Finance will get the full authority to license online and live fixed-odds sports betting actions in the arena of competition. This implies the fact no state monopoly will have the authority to take control over of the market and the overseas operators will get full access to the market.

What is the marketing scene for the operators?

Well, the new law details are pretty sketchy in case of the operators. On the other hand, in land-based betting, they have to return the 80% money to the bettors but with some pressure on the margins. In addition to that, the government will acquire 6 per cent of the handle from the live operators and the online operators; they will take 8 per cent.

Full gambling is not legalized yet

To revise the distribution of the lottery profits was the main motto of the law. Still, numerous legal challenges are associated with the area. A state of tension is going on between the individual states and the federal government. The legal control as well as the profit distribution is facing some legal challenges. According to the proposition of the new law, 2.5 per cent of the revenues that come from the live sports betting and 1 per cent from the online revenues will be transferred to the National Public Security Fund.

Limited as well as a vast opportunity

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. So, you can understand that if it gets converted to a legal market, it will attract numerous marketers from significant international operators. On the contrary, online sports betting through websites like is already available in the land of Brazil; the market is still underdeveloped. After the coming of the legal network, the sports bettors will not only enjoy an effective consumer-protection, but it will also help the operators to enhance their revenues.

These are some of the things that you need to know about recent sports betting in Brazil.

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