Is Soccer Betting Becoming increasingly Popular?

Football, or more commonly known as soccer in the United States, has had pools and betting activities for over 90 years. When the concept of a soccer pool made its debut in the UK 90 years ago, it only took a few months for interested players and fans to jump on board and fill in weekly prediction cards and coupons. One of the first major jackpots was won by a man named Viv Nicolson who won what would be the equivalent to £5m today. Since then, the concept of football betting has become popular all over the world with fans from North America to Africa participating.

One thing that has absolutely helped make the world of football betting more accessible and therefore more popular is the role that technology has come to play. When satellite television was introduced, more fans were able to watch soccer all over the world and therefore with increased coverage and reach came more betting and increased popularity. This also changed the way that people bet, with live and in-game betting becoming possible whereby players can and do bet in real time during the match.

The introduction and prominence of the internet also made it possible to bet online and to do it more efficiently. It also made it easy for players to see and know what other players and fans are doing and gave access to information which made bets and gambling decisions more well informed. The internet gave fans access to player stats, information and predictions from others that made betting even more powerful than it had ever been.

The internet was a great platform but then came mobile gambling where now players can take the games with them wherever they go as well as the bets they make. Essentially, if you wanted to, you could place your bets and make your picks before you even get out of bed in the morning. The accessibility has come a long way which has both directly and indirectly increased the popularity of the betting on soccer.

Gambling addiction and financial struggles continue to be an issue as gambling becomes more accessible and not always to those who should be doing it. We do not recommend gambling as a means of financing activities in your life. Instead, compare Swedish loans with HittaSMSLån or check out other financing options.

Conversely, with the rise of technology and the increased spread of those who participate in soccer betting, has also come some illegal and illicit activities. Sports betting is banned in some countries but many individuals leverage the power of technology and other means to do so in underground leagues and ways.

Another issue is match-fixing, an issue that started being most prominent in the UK with isolated issues that involve scams where, for the sake of high profile bettors and gamblers, players or sometimes even whole teams, deliberately lose or win. This issue is heavily regulated and the penalties for players are extremely severe.

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