What is more popular – Desktop or Mobile Slots?

Mobile or Desktop, which is the better way to gamble online? Since the mobile slots developed from having few slot machines to hundreds, players prefer playing on mobile slots rather than on desktop. But this choice also has some conditions.

How fast are Mobile slots?

Mobile slots maybe handy and convenient but they aren’t always fast. If your mobile connection isn’t 4G or Wi-Fi then your game slackens. Compared to them the desktop slots are faster. Rather than using a big chunk of your daily data quota, you can either use a Wi-Fi or use a desktop.

Are they compatible?

Mobile slots improved over the years. Now these games are compatible with nearly all the browsers. Most of the games do not have apps, so you play them from the browsers. And all the features that are available in the desktop version are available here.

Is the battery life enough?

Mobile slots are for the times when you can’t reach your desktop and want to play on your phone. But when you have both options at hand and choose mobile over desktop one issue that emerges is the battery life.

When playing on your desktop you can plug in the charger anytime you want. It is easy and battery does not drain that fast. But while using a mobile, the battery life needs to be full and the battery also drains quicker than the desktop. With mobile you need to cut your sessions short, so you don’t end up with a drained phone.

How do you prefer the view?

Desktop sites have clear visibility. The slots are much more visible and navigation is seamless. But with mobile slots the graphics aren’t that clear. And the navigation is a tad bit difficult.

It all boils down to what you prefer, do you want a handy mobile slot and are willing to compromise with the graphic, or do you want a  big screen desktop slot that is easily navigable.

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