Most Played Casino Games in Ireland 2020

There are many games that players can get to choose from in any casino site, online or land-based. Because of the developing technology and the popularity of casino games, multiple new games are designed and introduced to players worldwide. Especially with the existence of the internet and online gaming, casino games have been rapidly developing: there are many variations that have been made, and many modifications to the rules and features of the games have been tried.

In 2020, the amount of players in Irish online casinos has never dwindled. In fact, the opposite is happening: online casino players and bettors are increasing. We looked up the most played casino games on the internet, having in mind that newly introduced games would be on the top list, but surprisingly, most players still opt to the classical and traditional games of casinos.

The following are casino games most played by users and bettors in Ireland 2020:

1. BlackJack Games

BlackJack is one one the all-time favorite casino games by many. This game is available in different game variants including European blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and more.

This game has a simple goal. The players need to get a card to have a total card value of 21 or value closest to 21. They need to have a higher final hand than the dealer’s to beat him.

Basic Rules of Blackjack:

Hit or stand – each player is given the right to choose whether to ask the dealer for another card if they think it will give them better value, or not. They can also split or double down.

Double down – choosing to double down your bet mid-hand will let you receive one card and will not allow you to take another. Other casinos will let you double down on anything other than 10 or 11 but others will limit you from this choice.

Split – turning your hands of two separate hands to have more chances to beat the dealer. This is a good choice when your cards have the same value

Regular wins pay 1:1 – when the value of your card is closer to 21 thank the dealer’s

Blackjack wins pay 3:2 – when your two cards value is equal to 21

16 and below – the dealer needs to hit on any hand valued 16 and less

Winning Tips:

Always opt to split Aces and 8s and do not split two-faced cards

2. Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games. In fact, it has been a symbol of casino games. There are different versions of this game like American Roulette, French or European Roulette, and each has its distinct characteristics than the others.

The game is the easiest among all casino games. All you just need to do is to place your, the dealer then (online or real) spin the wheel, and wait for the results.

Quick Tips:

Know your variants – as mentioned, there are different variations of this game so the first thing to do is to familiarize the type of the roulette you are playing and their distinct rules and odds.

Think of the odds – before placing a bet, look into the adds of your bet because each bet has its odds.

Set limit to your bets – it can be quite addicting even when you experience multiple loses, so set a limit and do not go beyond

Choose the outside bets – inside and outside bets have their own pros and cons. While betting outside does not give you bigger wins than the inside bet, it will surely give you more chances of winning.

3. Slots

Slots are some of the most common games in casinos. Unlike the poker, baccarat and other strategy-based games, slots play mostly on random chances, which means there are no effective strategies that work completely with this game.

There are only five effective tips for this game including choosing the slot carefully, as there are many types of slot machines and no two are the same. Each may have distinct themes, symbols, features, etc., that may add to losing factors; Practice with free games; Set money limit, and aiming for smaller jackpots.

the above-mentioned strategies oftentimes work. However, choosing the slots with the best odds is the safest way of beating the odds. The following are the slots with the best odds:

Triple Diamond


Thunderstruck II


Mermaid’s Millions

4. Baccarat

In this game, a player places a bet on either the player or the dealer. However, unlike the blackjack, it is nearly impossible to but in because the game continues until a player gets close to the winning number total of 9.

Online Baccarat Game Strat

1-3-2-4 – this strategy helps you on how to make your wager. In this adjustment system, you will give greater chances of having lesser losses.

Paroli – making increases in your bet whenever you win with a sequence of 1 to 2 to 4, and going back to 1 at the fourth win.

One-sided – this stat entails placing a consistent bet on either the banker of the player. It is ideal to apply this strat three times and never more.

5. Poker

Similar to roulette, poker is one of the classic casino games that everyone knows about. There are different variants of this game and the Five-Card Draw and Texas Hold-’em are two of the most played variants.

Tips for Winning

There are many strategies and tips to increase your chances of winning this game including playing at the multiple tables and good management of your bankroll

Playing Multi-Player Game – playing in this game gives you higher chances of training your skills in poker.

Multi-playing means having many real money poker tables on your screen and managing them all at once. Some of the professional poker players have 16 to 25 tables open. This is because this lets them have a faster play and better return on investment (ROI).

Good bankroll management – set limitations of your bet. Drop the level of your bet if necessary, and begin building your bankroll. If you are now feeling comfortable, make a jump in your stakes.