Why People Spend More on Casinos than Sports Betting?

Casinos and Betting are the 2 most popular forms of gambling which people indulge in these days. In both the cases, people feel similar rush of adrenaline, which makes them hooked to them.

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But according to recent trends, people are found spending more on Gambling rather than sports betting. Why do you think this is the case?

Mobile Friendly

Most of the people are spending a lot of their time on mobile phones. And the easy availability of internet has made it possible to take part in various online casinos.

There are just so many online casinos available today, that people find it much easier to gamble. Waiting in long queues, traffic jams, or any small duration waits, you just have to open an online casino website and start playing.

Luck factor

When betting in sports, you have to know some history of the team beforehand, in order to increase your chances of win. But in case of casinos, all you need is luck and few tricks up your sleeve.

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This luck factor plays a very important role in today’s life. Not many people find it interesting to sit and study a team’s history and then start betting on the winning team. On the contrary, you just need to sign in and start gambling. Or, just visit a casino and start playing.


When you bet on a certain team in sports, you feel obligated to watch the entire match. Obviously you can skip that as well, but in that case, your mind would stay hitched to the game. So, in sports betting, you need a lot of dedication to play, which is what some people don’t like.

In the gambling, you can come as per your convenience, play as long as you want, and leave without feeling any obligation. There is no dedication required here. Moreover, with a large variety of games at hand, you don’t feel bored of looking at one particular game only.

All of these make gambling much more popular with people, thereby making them spend more money on casinos.

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