Most Runs in IPL – Players with the Highest Scores

IPL which stands for Indian premier league has changed the way cricket is played. The amazing invention in the T20 tournament is the high-quality quirky shot selection by batsmen. Many players have scored the most runs in IPL history with their unconventional batting styles.

Every season sees the exceptional batting performances of some players and one gets to see a batsman with IPL highest score. Only a few batsmen manage to maintain their exceptional batting performances in every season.

In this post, we have enlisted the names of players with the most runs in IPL history. One will get to know who the IPL top scorer is. Additionally, we have also mentioned the names of players with the most runs in every season of the IPL tournament.

Highest Run Scorer in IPL Tournament

Scoring big runs in the limited-overs game such as IPL requires real batting skills as every batsman doesn’t get an equal opportunity to bat. It is the team’s goal that a batsman has to prioritize instead of scoring runs from his comfort zone.

Only some batsmen with great batting ability can do so by playing unconventional shots and running rapidly in between wickets. Here is a list of players with the most runs in IPL till 2020:

Position Player Matches Innings Runs
1  Virat Kohli 192 184 5878
2 Suresh Raina 193 189 5368
3 David Warner 142 142 5254
4 Rohit Sharma 200 195 5230
5 Shikhar Dhawan 176 175 5197
6 AB de Villiers 169 156 4849
7 Chris Gayle 132 131 4772
8 MS Dhoni 204 182 4632
9 Robin Uthappa 189 182 4607
10 Gautam Gambhir 154 152 4217

Now, we will discuss in detail the performance of every player in the IPL tournament so far. Read this post till the end.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli during an IPL Match

Popular as a “run-machine”, Virat Kohli’s batting is one of the great things that one can enjoy in the cricket world. He has scored the most runs in IPL along with managing his captaincy. Since the 2008 IPL season, Virat Kohli has played 192 matches out of which he has batted in 184 innings. He is the highest run scorer in IPL with a total of 5878 runs.

Suresh Raina 

Suresh Raina Playing Upper Cut in an IPL Match

Suresh Raina, the left-handed batsman is not just an exceptional fielder but also a great batsman with a creative batting style. His ability to time the ball well has helped him score the second-highest runs in the IPL world. Till now, Suresh Raina has played 193 matches and he has scored 5368 runs in 189 innings. He has made his team CSK win many matches on his own.

David Warner 

David Warner Reaction after hitting a four in a IPL Match

David Warner, the Australian batsman is in third place on the list of batsmen with the highest run in IPL. The opener has not just performed well as a batsman but he has also won the hearts of his favorite people with his cool captaincy. In 142 IPL innings, David Warner has got 5254 runs in his pocket.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma After Scoring a Boundary

Rohit Sharma got displayed as “Ro-Hit” Sharma on the live match screens in IPL due to the long sixes he hits. He enjoys the 4th IPL highest score with total runs of 5230 in 200 IPL matches. Rohit Sharma has impressed everyone with his strong captaincy and his batting skills.

Shikhar Dhawan 

Shikhar Dhawan Celebrates after Scoring 50 in IPL

Shikhar Dhawan, popular as “Gabbar” roars with his fast-track and bold batting style. In every match he scores run, the winning chances of his team increase manifold times. It is the reason he enjoys a high priority in the IPL auction process. Shikhar Dhawan has scored 5197 runs in 175 innings in a total of 176 matches. And he also enjoys the most run IPL 2020 list.

AB de Villers

AB Devillers during an IPL Match

AB de Villers plays cricket shots in every direction due to which he is known as “Mr. 360 degree”. The RCB player is a nightmare for ballers as he can pick the ball from any position due to his strong improvisation. AB de Villers is the 6th highest run scorer in IPL history.

Chris Gayle 

Chris Gayle Celebrates After Scoring a High Score

Chris Gayle’s batting style is very popular in the cricket world and he has also shown his exemplary battling mettle in the IPL as well. Despite his old age, the Caribbean opener has given strong competition to young IPL players. Chris Gayle has 4772 runs to his name in 131 IPL innings.

MS Dhoni

CSK Captain Hitting a Six in IPL

MS Dhoni, the CSK IPL team captain has won many IPL titles with his exceptional captaincy. He has also contributed to the success of his team with his great batting performances. MS Dhoni has scored 4632 runs in 182 IPL innings in 204 matches.

Robin Uthappa

RR Player Robin Uthappa Hitting a Shot in an IPL Match

Robin Uthappa is at number 9 in terms of the most runs in IPL history. He is a wonderful T20 talent who can steal a match from his opposing team with a strong opening knock. Many a time, Uthappa has done it for the KKR team in the IPL. With 4607 runs in 189 IPL matches, Robin Uthappa enjoys the 9th spot in the highest run-scorers in the IPL.

Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir Ready to Play Shot

Gautam Gambhir has delivered many splendid batting performances in the IPL tournament. He has played for KKR and he has helped his team won many IPL matches with his exceptional captaincy & batting skills. Gautam Gambhir has scored 4217 runs in 154 matches in IPL history.

IPL Highest Score in 2020

IPL 2020 was the 13th season that got delayed due to the pandemic. But when it began, many players delivered exceptional batting performances and contributed to the wins of their respective teams. Here, we have enlisted the player with the most runs in IPL 2020 and also the other IPL 2020 most runs scorers.

Position Player Matches Innings Runs
1 KL Rahul 14 14 670
2 Shikhar Dhawan 17 17 618
3 David Warner 16 16 548
4 Shreyas Iyer 17 17 519
5 Ishan Kishan 14 13 516
6 Quinton De Kock 16 16 503
7 Suryakumar Yadav 16 15 480
8 Devdutt Padikkal 15 15 473
9 Virat Kohli 15 15 466
10 AB De Villers 15 14 454

From the table, one can see that KL Rahul from the Kings XI Punjab grabbed the top spot on the most run IPL 2020 list. Being the IPL highest score batsman 2020, KL Rahul was bestowed with the orange cap to honor his exceptional performances in the 13th IPL season held in UAE.

The unorthodox shot selection of various batsmen in the IPL makes it possible for people to enjoy streaming every live cricket game with full fun. Due to this, people await a new IPL season to enjoy live cricket action with highly intense entertainment.

So, this is the list of the players with the most runs in IPL history and we will update this list after every IPL season.