Is it Legal to Play Online Casino in NJ?

Online gambling has conquered the beautiful area of New Jersey as well as many other corners of the world. But this type of gambling became legal in New Jersey later than in other places, against what many people might expect. The main gambling area in this part of the United States is the Atlantic City.

Here you can find attractive paths to follow and very glamour locations to explore and enjoy. Many of the NJ online casinos can be found in Atlantic City, and tourists, as well as locals, love that! But it wasn’t always so free and inviting to gamble online in New Jersey.

The market of online gambling in Atlantic City became opened for the public in 2013, and it started to develop tremendously after that point. A player needs to have a minimum legal age of 21 years old to be allowed to gamble here. This is the rule in most places in the United States.

All the online casinos that are allowed to be active in this area need to be licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Without such a certificate, a casino can’t function legally in New Jersey.

Some casinos offer attractive bonuses to new customers, such as VirginCasino or, as well as many others. You will get bonuses in value of $20 but also refunds and free deposits. It all depends on the policy of the casino and the type of account a player has.

For instance, you need to register and have a complete account before you enjoy any of these benefits. And to register, most casinos will ask for your social security number, which makes them more reliable as they need to be certified to ask you for such private data.

Even if the online gambling market in New Jersey is not as old and experienced as others, it still has a lot to offer. This market grew significantly in the past years, and it is not even one decade old!

We can only imagine what great future it will have in the years to come and how players will enjoy every aspect of it! If you were wondering if it is worth it to try out the online gambling market of New Jersey, you shouldn’t think twice!

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