What is Legal Age to Play Casino in Finland?

Most of the people in this world love some or the other sort of gambling. While some go with sports betting, some like to visit casinos. But in either of the two, there are many legal constraints that come along with them.

When it comes to gambling, be it betting or casinos, every country has its own set of norms and regulations. And it becomes important for companies and people to abide by those rules unless they want to see themselves behind the bars.

Yes, that’s true. The legal issues for gambling are serious and can even land you in jail. But let’s not go there.

Here, we will be discussing about those rules, which are there in Finland. There are many mobile casino apps in Finland which can be downloaded easily on any mobile. But you still have to make sure you are above legal age to play casino. So what is that legal age?

Legal Age

When it comes to Finland, there are 2 different age criteria for gambling.

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Minimum age of 15 years

18 years age

When you want to play in casinos and gaming arcades, you need to be minimum 18 years of age. And that rule is set by RAY, the slot machine association. When we talk about lotteries, minimum 18 years is mandatory if you want to play these over the internet.

15 years age

If you are playing slots anywhere else apart from casinos and gaming arcades, then you have to be minimum 15 years of age. This age is also the criteria when you are playing lotteries at the physical retail outlets.

Due to these 2 ages, a lot of confusion arises among the people. Many people within the ministry of social affairs are working on making the overall minimum age to be 18 years for gambling. That would mean that irrespective of what kind of gambling you are doing and where, you have to be minimum 18 years of age, if this rule is passed.