IPL 2020: A Short Overview Of The CSK vs MI Rivalry

If you will ask someone who is a fan of cricket what is the biggest rivalry in the history of the sport, almost everyone would give you one answer: it is the long-running rivalry between the Chennai Super Kings (CSDK) and the Mumbai Indians (MI). Although there had been a lot of rivalries in the Indian Premier League and the now-discontinued Champions League Twenty20 or CLT20, nothing had been more significant., more exciting, more thrilling, and more competitive than the heat between CSK and MI.

Throughout the history of the IPL, so much has happened in the CSK vs MI beef, and although one can argue who is winning or who is the better team, there is no definite answer to it as both teams have a huge number of fans–as well as haters and detractors–from either side of the rivalry.

Still, this long-running sports clash is always something worth looking it, regardless if you are a fan of cricket or just someone interested in this particular topic. With that in mind, here is a short overview of the history and the stats about the CSK vs MI rivalry.

Head-to-head record

By the numbers, there is no doubt that the Mumbai Indians is on the lead on this one. So far, the two teams have faced each other a total of 31 times in the Indian Premier League. Out of all these, the MI won against the CSK for a total of 18 times. On the other hand, the CSK beat MI for only a total of 13 games so far. Eight of these games were home to the CKS, while 12 were home to the MI, with 11 being on neutral grounds.

Another interesting reason is that for the last five times that the two teams faced each other, the MI won by a whopping 5-0 record, making them the only team in the history of the IPL to have won more than 40% of the total matches fought against the CSK.

When it comes to the number of times that each team had won a title, the Mumbai Indians are on a close lead. So far, they have won a total of four championships on the IPL: these are for 2013, 2015, 2017, and the 2019 seasons. On the other hand, the Chennai Super Kings have won three titles so far: 2010, 2011, and 2018 seasons.

The finals of the 2019 season were for these two teams, and MI won by a close call of only by a single run. The game was full of hype and thrill, which led to fans getting pumped up with the possibilities for this new season. Would the two teams face each other again for the finals? Would MI be victorious again, or would be time for the CSK to take the spotlight once more? Only time can tell, as the IPL 2020 draws closer and closer to the most-awaited final game.

Why are they rivals?

There are various reasons cited by a lot of people as to why the two teams are long-time rivals. Some people say it is since they are the two most successful cricket teams in the history of the IPL, which would make them natural rivals. Some people, on the other hand, attribute the rivalry to Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, two of the biggest cricket players in the history of the sport. Schain used to play for the MI, while Dhoni used to play for the CSK.