Introduction to Betting markets for Rugby League

Any devoted fan of rugby league will be aware of how to bet on the sport, but for those with less knowledge on it, they might not even realise that you can bet on it at all. There’s never been an extensive list of betting markets for making use of your own rugby league betting tips like we see in football, where the options have become practically endless. This isn’t an indication that the bookies haven’t covered all angles though, as the markets that are available pretty much account for every possible outcome – and that is something kept in mind by Team FA when they pick their rugby league betting tips.

It makes little sense as to why there aren’t quite as many options for betting on rugby league compared to other sports, as it’s easily in the same category of key British sports like football and horse racing. The battle between which is superior out of rugby union and rugby league will always rage on but with a focus on rugby league, we’re considering how to make the best use of your rugby league betting tips.

Primary rugby league betting markets

Not only does the match result appear high on rugby league match pages, but you’ll also find handicap results included beside them. The handicap result sometimes even comes before the match result, which is unlike most other sports but makes sense, as the winning margin in rugby tends to be far higher than in things like football.

Working out whether to bet on the match result or the handicap result can be a bit of a challenge and every punter prefers one or the other. If you’re struggling with how to back your rugby league betting tips, TeamFA are worth checking out, as they provide regular betting previews on major super league fixtures, as well as always offering out hints and tips for those who want further information on all sports.

Other ways to bet on rugby

More markets are added to betting websites and apps depending on the more information they have closer to the time. The best example of this is when backing an anytime tryscorer or first tryscorer bet, where they’ll only know who’s playing in the run-up to the match you’re looking to bet on. This adds a handful of additional rugby league markets to bet on, but the selections on this sport remain slim.

The remainder of super league markets are made up of statistics selections like the highest scoring half, and even more specific outcomes to predict like each side’s winning or losing margin throughout the first half, second half, and entire game as a whole.

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