The European Football Championship 2021 is about to start

The biggest event in European Football world is about to start, and it is bound to be matches that is of top quality. With teams like England and Italy the best footballers will be playing for their home countries! So don’t miss the chance to enjoy games of top class and maybe even earn some money while doing it! Here are all the highlights to look forward to!

Even though this is an European championship and India is not you can still enjoy all the fun matches and the thrill. Maybe you have your favorite national team or just love football so much you want to follow it all. If you want even more thrill for less money have a look at LeoVegas welcome offer and place some bets at the games.

Different set up

Due to the Corona pandemic there a few changes to how the tournament is set up. First the teams will have a bit bigger team that they send, this is to be able to isolate individuals that have symptoms and still have a full team at the game. This means that more players will get a chance to show what they are capable of. Don’t miss to support your favorite player by placing bets on the games best player by betting online.

The other change is that the games will be played in 12 different countries around Europe in order to keep fans from coming to one city and get it really crowded. There will be fans on site at the arenas during the matches, but as many as usually. All to lessen the risk of spreading the virus uncontrollably.

Kick Off EC 2021

The Kickoff for the first game is Between Turkey and Italy on the 11 of June in Rome, Italy. Most experts believe this will be a pretty easy win for Italy as they have a better team and they are playing at home. But Turkey have Cakir as a goalie and scoring in him has proved difficult in the history.

England – Croatia

The next big event is happening two days later on the 13th of June when England enters the games with a match against Croatia. This game will be played at England’s home arena Wembley and shall be an easy win for the home team to take. Croatia was in the final of WC 2019 but the players haven’t kept the form since then and England have the advantage of home turf.

The Final

The big finale and the end of the European Championships is set to 11th of July in England’s home arena Wimbledon. What teams who will be there fighting for the trophy is hard to say, but with three of the favorite teams in the same group, Portugal, Germany and France. At least one of them will be out in the group round. If you have a good feeling of whom the finalists will be, place your bets early to secure a good odds.