Bettingfamily Tipster Platform Review

Bettingfamily is one of the new Tipster Platforms in the sports betting scene, as they started to operate at the beginning of 2017,  and they showed from the start that their goal is to become one of the best Tipster Platforms in terms of quality of the service they will provide to the customers.

Tipster Platforms became extremely popular in recent years, as those websites provide to the customers complete betting service in one place. Main advantages of such kind of services are that customers are able to choose the Tipster’s they want to follow, daily updated and transparent results of the selected Tipster’s and notifications to the customers whenever the Tipster post the bet.

Of course, there are good and bad Tipster Platforms on the internet, and Bettingfamily is one of the better services, despite the fact that they are relatively new on the market.

Website Layout and User-Friendliness

The first thing that caught my eye when I visited their website for the first time was the beautiful website layout and calming colors. The dominant colors on the website are black and green, and everything looks really professional.

The complete website is really easy to use, and even the novice sports bettors will be able to find anything that they want to find. At the upper right corner you will see the “SIGN IN” and “SIGN UP” buttons, and if you decide to register at this service, you will need to complete a simple registration process. The great thing about registration is the option to register via social network Facebook.

On the home page, you will see all the vital information about this Tipster Platform, such as lifetime stats of all of their tipster’s, selection of best tipster’s of the month,  quick guide how to get started, FAQ section and exciting article about history and goals of this Tipster Platform.

They have an interesting feature, as you may sign up for their newsletter, where they sent to their customer’s interesting articles about betting, news, and offers.

Although you can read almost anything you need on the home page, they have separate pages for the past results, tipster profiles, a blog with interesting articles and “about us” page.

Tipster’s Interface

Maybe the most important thing about every Tipster Platform is the place where you can review their Tipsters and their past and current performance. At Bettingfamily you can access all the Tipsters individually as every single Tipster has their own page.

At tipster page, you can see overall stats of the tipster, key performance indicators (All-time ROI, Hit rate, Average odds, Average profit per month and Overall profit), as well as graphs about bankroll and earnings per month. Also, on every tipster page, you will be able to read a comprehensive profile about certain tipster with his history, preferred sports, betting strategy and staking method.

Stats and Record Reliability

At Betting Family all the stats and records are inserted automatically, and tipster can’t enter the odds manually, nor tipster can change the pick and result after the pick is submitted. This way all the customers can be sure that results are correct and that data they are seeing on the selected tipster reflect his ability.

That way all the customers can make fully informed decision before they choose the tipster they want to follow. Transparency and proven record are the things that are most important to the paying customers, and Betting Family is giving them the 100% verified record for each tipster.

Selection of Tipsters

At the moment you can choose between six professional tipsters at Bettingfamily platform. Despite they have only six tipsters, they covered three major sports, as they have experts in football, basketball and ice hockey.

All of those experts are profitable in the long run and have pretty solid stats behind them. Maybe the most interesting tipster on the platform at the moment Ptoenner, the football tipster that holds the remarkable record in the past 18 months with just two negative months. He managed to achieve respectable all-time ROI (11%) with 59% all-time hit rate.

Although Ptoenner has the best results, the other tipsters are also reliable, and no tipster holds a bad or negative all-time record.

Payment Methods

At the moment, Bettingfamily accepts payments only via credit/debit cards, but we expect that they will accept other payment methods in the near future.

Also, they have a nice running promotion, and every new customer can sign up for a three day trial period, just to feel how everything works on this betting platform. From our personal experience, all the tipsters are professional and educated, with disciplined betting strategy. Even when the bad streak occurs, no tipster from the platform lost their head and showed any worrying signs that can be found at unprofessional or fraudulent tipsters.

Bettingfamily Community and Forum

Despite the main focus of this brand is to distribute the picks for their paying customers, they also have a big and friendly community of paying, and non-paying bettors that communicate daily on their forum and exchange picks and betting advice.

This is a really nice feature, as they show a willingness to improve general betting knowledge of novice bettors around the world.

On top of that, they have a nice blog where the visitors can read interesting articles about betting in general, betting strategies and betting related news.

Customer Support

We already wrote that you can find on the website comprehensive FAQ section, where you can find most answers to the general questions about the service.

But if you encounter any other problem that can’t be solved via FAQ page, you can contact friendly and responsive customer support at Betting Family. Customer support can be reached via email ([email protected]), or via Facebook messenger. We tested their customer support, and their response time is quick and the customer support team is knowledgable and eager to help.


After we tested this Tipster Platform for several months, we can heartily recommend their services. Even though they are young service with a small number of tipsters, they are already respected and proven service with the transparent record, and excellent features. Customer service is amazing and fast responsive, the website is user-friendly, and most importantly tipsters on the platform produce a serious profit to the paying customers for a reasonable price.


  • Proven record
  • 3 day trial period
  • Friendly community
  • Profitable tipsters


  • There are no significant cons of this Tipster Platform, but in the near future, we would like to see more tipsters available.

On the other hand, a low number of profitable tipster’s show that Bettingfamily is relying on quality over quantity, and that is the great thing! Overall, if you are looking for trustworthy, reliable and transparent Tipster Platform that provides steady profit, Betting Family is tipster platform that we STRONGLY RECOMMEND.

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