The Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Cricket

Nowadays, sports betting offers in India have are becoming increasingly abundant compared to the beginning of the decade. The country’s infrastructure is growing and even global brands like the National Basketball Association (NBA) see India as the next big thing in sports. However, despite the recent craze around football and basketball, cricket still reigns supreme throughout the subcontinent.

Despite cricket’s popularity amongst sports junkies both young and old, many people still don’t know how to effectively bet on it. With the recent rise of sports betting websites and bookies covering various matches, it’s essential that you have a head start. In this guide, we’ll cover the essential tips needed for a session of successful cricket betting.

Test Matches Are a Great Form of Practice

The International Cricket Council (ICC) governs the test cricket scene. According to performances and results, the ICC has the power to award to give the team “test status”. Currently, 12 teams have the ability to play these games. Afghanistan, Australia, England, Ireland, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, the West Indies and Bangladesh are currently able to partake in test matches.

They are the highest echelon of international cricket, but they’re great for rookie bettors because of one specific characteristic. Test matches are played in four innings and can last up to five days, which gives you ample time to test different strategies and approaches. Conditions play a significant role, too. If the morning session involves cloudy or rainy weather, this can affect batters, as well as the ball’s tendencies to bounce in a certain direction.

T20 and ODI matches are played in one inning, rendering many factors obsolete. Test matches, on the other hand, give you greater control over your own predictions. The more variables you know, the more likely you are to score on some unorthodox markets.

Don’t Forget One-Days!

While fellow cricket aficionados in the UK prefer test matches over literally everything, Indians don’t mind watching players in colored clothing bat a white ball. ODIs are particularly popular, despite numerous attempts to change the format. Day-nighters, as ODIs are also called, involve a number of fielding restrictions based on the stage.

Observing those changes and the alternating numbers of fielders can be a great test for intermediate punters. Even though there aren’t as many innings as there are during test matches, ODIs still feature three, four or five matches. While many things can change over the course of a series, the first match can often answer a lot of questions. The team’s form, weather conditions and other details can greatly affect the success of your bets. In contrast to the more easy-going test matches, ODIs can be great tests for any bettor.

T20 and Other Variations Are Growing in Popularity

The most important factor in keeping cricket betting fun is variety. Mixing it up with equal amounts of ODIs and test matches can be dynamic, but you would want to become a jack-of-all-trades cricket bettor. To achieve this, you can follow other types of games such as T20, the Sheffield Shield First Class, and the County Championship.

With more nations falling in love with cricket, a need for shorter games was born. T20 competitions turned out to be perfect for televised matches. This is a great solution for beginners, as you won’t be required to just stare at stats for five days during a test match. A fast-paced approach will keep your interest afloat and allow you to observe more vigilantly.

Do Research About the Pitch, as well as Ground History

Aside from focusing on the type of game and individual players, the actual location plays a great part in determining the result of a match. No pitch retains the same qualities year-on-year, but there is something to be learned about patterns that emerge upon taking a closer look.

For instance, grounds such as Adelaide or Cape Town are known for their relatively slow pace. This automatically means that batting is easier, opening the door for more bets on your slip. On the other hand, you have Perth’s WACA which often results in a lightning-fast pace and frequent steep bounces. Treat cricket like a science and your opportunities are infinite.

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