9 Online Casino Tips and Tricks ever Beginner must Know!

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie at online gamblings, these online casino tips and tricks can definitely help you level up your game. Although we can’t always promise you a win on a jackpot (it would still depend on your strategies and sometimes, statistical “luck”), these guides would at least prevent you from scooping off the last single cent in your pocket without adding a buck in your wallet!

Play by the Legal Age Requirement

Perhaps the most obvious tip in this list, but nevertheless worth pointing out, is to NEVER play if you’re below 18 years old or whatever age is allowed in your country. We don’t discriminate the capability of young people to win big at online casinos, but this law is actually for protection against young people from gambling addiction and forceful trafficking (much like alcoholism and drugs).

So if you lie about your age and say you’re above 21, don’t expect that you will not get caught sooner or later, there’s a system that will check that and prevent you from cashing out your wins.

Master the Strategy Games

Before playing some strategy games, know the strategies first or you’ll lose some money. It’s like going to war without a weapon or going to an exam without a pen. There are a lot of games that might require you to try them first before you’ll get an idea how they work or know what their patterns are.

Read the T & C’s of Every Game

Have you ever been excited after winning 200 bucks only to be rejected at cash out? I’m sure you’re one of the many people in the world who’ve experienced that. Read the instructions carefully before entering or betting on your money and ALWAYS click on the little T&C’s link if there’s one applied.

Usually, a lot of online casino websites are using Terms & Conditions as their way to trick the players into holding off their wins. They’d usually make it unnoticeable so players will be too lazy to click on it and read through. To avoid rejection in the future, always find that link and read carefully before joining. For example, many websites focus solely on showing players the different terms and what is required in order to get a withdrawal, like the casino bonus at Casinomartini.com

Record or Take a Screenshot of your Wins

Be sure to track the milestone of your games even if you haven’t won yet. This might come in handy in the future if the game would require you to show multipliers (or just a way to brag on your friends).

The “Print Screen” button in Mac and Windows always work and screen recording sites like Loom also works well in private capture and sharing.

Know Your Worth

Always playing at online casinos? You might have become a VIP already! Did you know that gambling online regularly has good perks as well? Now you do! If you’re keeping track of your status, be sure to watch out for free bonuses, gifts, rewards cards, and other free stuff for you!

Play Little by Little

If you’re on a $20 budget, don’t spend it in one go. Enjoy the game slowly (but surely) by playing on $1 round. This way, you’ll get to know the game even more and you’ll have more chances of winning and multiplying your money.

Stay at Safe Gambling Site

There are too many online casino sites that offer you bonuses and claim of being the best among the rest. Problem is, many of these sites are not legit. If you haven’t found a site that you trust yet, check for reviews or web recommendations before depositing money. The easiest way to spot a scam online casino site is to go to their homepage and the licensed images are unclickable. Seal like the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association can be viewed and read with the site’s name written on the page.

Also, known brands such as Unibet are always reliable. And also often convenient. The new trend of casinos offering paypal is surely a great way to keep your credit card safe from the casino.

Understand Probability

We all know that these games are based on probabilities and there are more chances to losing than winning but learning the ins and outs of games like craps, blackjacks, or roulettes will guide you to come up with the best strategies on how to own each game. You don’t have to be a math wizard to pull this off (Okay, being a math genius will obviously help), you just have to be observant of each outcome and mentally compute the probable result. In the end, these are purely luck and mind games after all.

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