3 Most Popular Sports in New Zealand

Whether you love playing sports or not, you would surely love watching some of your favorite sports. The same happens with every country in this world. For people of New Zealand, sports is one of the best things that is happening there.

Apart from going crazy for online casinos games, like those found on casino mania, people also love to play sports games here in New Zealand. And watching these games is another treat to their eyes. There are number of sports that are played there, and they thoroughly enjoy each and every sport. Whether going to the stadiums, or sitting at homes and watching television, sports is greatly loved. Some of the most popular sports there are:

  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis, and so on.

Here we will talk about 3 of these most popular sports in a bit more detail.


This is the major sports of New Zealand. The national team of Rugby won the Rugby World Cup 3 times, coming out victoriously as the number 1 Rugby team in the world. No other team in the world has been able to achieve these many victories every.

There are 2 types of Rugbies that are played here – Rugby Union and Rugby League. In Rugby Union, you have to carry the rugby and score ties. While in Rugby league, you can kick the rugby as well along with carrying it. Both the games are extremely popular and are well loved.


Just like in other countries, Cricket is well cheered and loved game in New Zealand. This is the national sport of the country for the time of summer. And there are many cricketers in the team who perform extremely well, gaining the popularity world wide, such as Brendon Mccullum, Kane Williamson, and so on.


Netball is quite similar to Basketball, and was derived from its earlier versions. In this game, just like Basketball, 2 rings are placed in each end of a rectangular court and the teams have to score points. But unlike Basketball, the ball can stay for a maximum of 3 seconds with each player and the players are usually restricted to their own areas of a court only.

Throughout the world, this game is extremely popular. But when it comes to New Zealand, this does not have that wide of an appeal as that of Rugby and Cricket.

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